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Summer Rayne Oakes

Dirigir la sustentabilidad a través de la moda

Summer Rayne Oakes was researching toxins in sewage sludge, identifying aquatic insects, rocking n' rolling in rainforests, and mapping invasive species when she was struck with the idea that the fashion industry might be a good venue to disseminate environmental awareness. Little did she know that her initial bus ride to New York City as a freshmen in college to learn about the fashion industry would change the course of her career forever…
Recognized as The World's First Ecomodel, Oakes has created a career aligning her values to her work.  She is author of bestselling style guide "Style, Naturally"and Co-founder of Source4Style, a B2B marketplace that connects designers directly to sustainable material suppliers around the globe. She has developed more environmentally-preferable collections with a variety of brands, including Payless ShoeSource'szoe&zac line, MODO eco eyewear, Aveeno, and Portico Home.
Oakes is Editor-at-Large for Above Magazine and has recently written-produced her first film - an environmental art short called eXtinction, which was released in festivals this year. Vanity Fair has named Oakes a "Global Citizen," Outside called her one of the "Top Environmental Activists," and CNBC called her one of the "Top 10 Green Entrepreneurs of 2010." Summer Rayne is a graduate of Cornell University with degrees in Environmental Science and Entomology and is a Udall environmental scholar, PERC Environmental Fellow, and National Wildlife Federation Fellow.